Homestead AC Repair

Mark Allen is a premier heating & cooling company and we are proud to be named as a Certified HVAC Dealer. We install several brands of equipment specializing in American Standard air conditioning units. In addition to installation, we maintain all units with a manufacturer warranty. This includes the extended warranty period or service contract associated with the installation.

Air Conditioning Repair in Homestead Pa

Having a cool & warm home during the correct seasons has never been easier. As always, ask your dealer for the right match for your home in order to maintain comfort expectations. Mark Allen is here to guide you and help you decide on what’s right for you through the HVAC process.

Central AC Installation in Homestead Pennsylvania

There is a process to replacing your existing air conditioner. The components have a unique interaction with each other & they must work together in order to maintain the efficiency & functionality of your cooling system. Looking to replace your unit, our professionals will make sure you are receiving the most beneficial system for your home. Our air conditioning services in Pittsburgh & the surrounding suburbs know what works best depending on your specific home & it’s individual needs.

Central Air Conditioning Replacement Homestead

It is important to purchase a central air conditioning unit that is the correct size for both the location & structure of where it’s being installed. An oversized unit that is too large for your home uses more electricity.

This leads to problems with mold & mildew. In addition, an oversized unit will stop & start more frequently, resulting in greater wear & tear on your equipment. This shortens the life of the air conditioner & will require more frequent service calls. Proper measurements, equipment & installation by our Certified HVAC technicians at Mark Allen Heating & Cooling will make certain your new  air conditioner is the right fit for your home & will run appropriately in conjunction with regular maintenance.