Top Notch Furnace Repair in Mcdonald, Pa

Staying warm during Mcdonald, Pennsylvania winters shouldn’t be a hassle in Zip Code 15057. Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers top-quality heating system repairs, replacement, furnace installation & much more. It doesn’t matter if you need immediate boiler replacement or are on the market for a brand new gas furnace, our expect HVAC technicians are ready to help you bring warmth back to your home or commercial property. You need a heating & cooling expert who you can trust to provide expert advice & installation of your new HVAC system. 

At Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, There aren’t many feelings which are more refreshing than walking into an air-conditioned room after sweltering through the raging heat of a summer day. It seems that your cares and the stresses of the day melt away as you relax and embrace the comfort. This is the situation that the team at Mark Allen wants all our customers to experience whenever they expect it in their home or business. We are a full-service HVAC company in Pittsburgh, Pa, that is responsive to our customers’ needs.


No matter if you are renovating a business or building a new house, the best way to ensure energy efficiency is to have the latest high-quality systems in place. At Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating & Cooling our team is the one to call for HVAC installations. It’s one-stop shopping when you call on us for installation as we are licensed gas fitters and electricians & don’t need to rely upon subcontractors. There’s no waiting for an electrician to come from another job site before we can continue the work. Suppose your needs don’t extend to an entire HVAC system, perhaps your heating is separate from your cooling requirements & you’re in the market for furnace installation.

Our team of licensed technicians can provide an heating solution for you. Not only do we handle emergencies and installation, but we also provide full maintenance services. To keep your services running smoothly reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. Let’s say there’s a chill in the night air & you decide to turn up the temperature because it’s a time when you just don’t want to chill out. As you wait for the heat to come on, you realize that you’re waiting much longer than normal. 

It’s also time well beyond regular business hours, and you think that could pose a problem. Shivering through the night doesn’t sound like much fun, but an option that does sound like a good one is finding a company that provides emergency HVAC services. We offer attentive & prompt emergency service because there’s not much worse than needing help and not being able to find it.


Our technicians service all HVAC makes and models, including systems that use gas, propane, heat pumps, and more. We install multi-stage and variable-stage air conditioning, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and ductwork. For commercial and industrial clients, we even install and repair exposed spiral ductwork. From hybrid/dual fuel systems to ductless split systems, our team does it all.

Ensuring that our residential & commercial customers have a fully functional heating and air system is always our top priority. Make us your go-to choice for HVAC solutions that maximize your equipment’s efficiency and performance. For those urgent problems that simply cannot wait, we offer emergency HVAC repair. When you’re our customer, we go the extra mile to achieve your complete satisfaction. When your heating and air components malfunction, you need a company you can trust to provide lasting repairs.

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By hiring us, you get skilled technicians who understand how to keep your system in top shape. Amateurs may be able to make a unit temporarily functional again. But sloppy repairs often lead to costlier damage later, not to mention the strain that an inefficient unit puts on your energy usage. If your unit can be repaired, we get it up and running as quickly as possible. 

If, however, it’s time for a replacement, we’ll quote you an honest price on a high-quality product. That’s what our dedication to professional integrity is all about: doing competent work for a fair, competitive price Give us a call today for a consultation about how Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help solve your heating system concerns.