Top Notch Oakdale, PA AC Repair Service

During Pittsburgh’s humid & warm summer months, central air conditioners are constantly working in an effort to maintain your comfort & health. Air conditioners in Oakdale & the surrounding suburbs are ready to take on the summer, but is your unit working correctly? How long have you had the system? Excessive use causes the cooling system to prematurely malfunction or stop operating altogether. 

If this happens to you one of our HVAC technicians at Mark Allen will come to your home, inspect your central air unit & troubleshoot your air conditioner problems. When completed, they will provide a detailed explanation on what repairs, if any, are needed & why the system failed. With your approval, our professionals can begin restoring your system so you can stay cool & comfortable in your home this summer.

Smooth Air Conditioning Repair In Oakdale Pa

We service, maintain, and repair all makes and models of central air conditioning units for both commercial & residential properties. We offer replacement systems, 24/7 emergency service, provide maintenance plans & repair all makes & models of central air conditioning units for both commercial & residential properties. Regular maintenance allows air conditioning repairs to be foreseeable & much less expensive in the future. More importantly, regular maintenance prevents breakdowns, ultimately saving you repair costs.

Central AC Installation in Oakdale Pennsylvania

We have several different potential Energy Saving Agreement options to choose from. To aide with the setting up of a program, call, email or contact us on our website today. We are always happy to walk out customers through the best option for your home or business. All of our options are prepaid preventative maintenance plans. The plans ensure that your AC unit is always operating at its peak performance level.

Central Air Conditioning Replacement Oakdale

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, the technology to your existing unit has been greatly improved. The changes made to HVAC systems have become both beneficial & cost-effective for homeowners. Today’s energy efficient units not only use up to 70% less electricity, but they also operate in a much quieter mode. You will instantly be more comfortable in your home without listening to a hum or buzzing of a cooling unit. If you think it is time to purchase a new air conditioner for your home or business, give us a call, email or contact us on our website today. 

We are happy to discuss your options. Our HVAC Certified technicians can provide you with information about upgrading your system in order to make your home or business more comfortable, all while increasing savings & decreasing energy loss. Nothing is better than a more comfortable & energy efficient system. Save money and stay cool during this Pennsylvania summer.