Experienced Boiler & Furnace Repair in Pittsburgh

Our team has the best certified heating service technicians repair all residential & commercial heating systems. Servicing the heating system is performed in accordance to the furnace or heating system manufacture requirements and specifications. For instance, if the furnace or heating system requires repairs, the parts that are associated to the repair will be completed in accordance to the furnace or heating system. Furthermore, manufacturer requirements & specifications including; heat exchanger, gas valve blower motor & internal manufacture specific operating controls. For example, Mark Allen services & repair all heating & furnace manufacturers. Contact us today for a furnace or heating system maintenance, service or repair.

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HVAC technician will inspect the heat exchanger, safety controls, venting, carbon monoxide detection, gas leak detection and general cleaning. We offer a complete manufacture specified maintenance and safety inspection. Furthermore, maintenance & safety inspections typically take an hour to complete. We service and repair all furnace and heating manufactures. Contact us for a HVAC maintenance & safety inspection. For example, we understand the advantages and disadvantages that each type of system brings to the table.


Prompt Boiler & Furnace Replacement in Pittsburgh

Within hours of loss of heat, your home will begin to cool down to dangerous levels. For example, that’s why the expert, highly trained technicians at our top-rated heating and air conditioning company are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, acting fast to call for repair services can save you thousands of dollars in damages and prevent plumbing freeze-ups and burst pipes.

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Furthermore, they’re ready to take care of any heating issue that you may have. For example, we are a American Standard Premier Furnace Dealer and provide expert furnace repair service for most of the. Doing our best to offer our customers the best experience possible for their HVAC needs. For example, our staff is friendly and easy to work with and able to provide the best heating and air conditioning service for you and your family.


As an experienced and knowledgeable HVAC contractor, we provide a comprehensive array of air conditioning and furnace services. Furthermore, the weather in Pittsburgh & the surrounding area is often unpredictable & homeowners depend on their heating & cooling equipment to keep the indoor environment safe, comfortable and healthy. For example, we make sure your home comfort system continues to perform efficiently over an extended lifecycle.

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For example, Mark Allen takes pride in offering the industry’s leading and most competitive furnaces. Our furnaces, air conditioners, and other equipment ranges from standard 80% efficiency to the most competent 98% efficiency.  Each house is different with specific needs. Furthermore, our passion is to give each and every individual exactly what they need for their personal comfort level and affordability.