We provide Water Treatment Systems for Homes Around Carnegie, PA. We sell the finest water treatment systems & other professional-commercial equipment. You can be sure when you purchase a system from Mark Allen, your home will have many years of trouble free service. The right treatment option for your home will depend on your water source & the hardness of your water. We’ll review your situation & make equipment recommendations based on your estimated water usage. Even for those whose water is slightly hard, significant benefits can result from using softened water. The life of the plumbing system & increase. For example, many appliances may last longer & perform better.


Even for those whose water is slightly hard, significant benefits can result from using softened water. The Life of the plumbing system may increase. Many appliances may last longer & perform better. Soapy residue on clothes is reduced so they may look & wear better. Skin & hair can be rinsed more completely, making hair look shinier and skin cleaner. Film on tubs and shower tiles may be reduced, as will scratching to bathroom fixture. In conclusion, let us examine your water at no cost or obligation.


Hard water causes calcium buildup, water spots & soap scum which makes cleaning a real chore. A water softener can remove the calcium and minerals from the water which makes for quicker cleaning. This means you’ll use less soap used & have a cleaner plumbing system. In fact, with soft water your skin & hair will be softer and smoother too. Furthermore, hard water can also ruin a good wardrobe. Minerals in the water dull the color of your clothes. A college university study showed that clothes washed in hard water wear out up to 15% sooner than clothes washed with soft water. That same study showed that hard water causes colors to fade faster & white to darken sooner.

Orange & rust colored water is caused by iron deposits in the water. The reddish residue stains the sinks, tubs and laundry and in some cases permanently. Install a properly sized water softening system and/or an iron filtration system. In addition, minerals in the water can stain & dull the color of your clothes. Water contaminants tend to collect in water using appliances causing them to wear out sooner too. Furthermore, install a properly sized tannin removal unit. Install a PH neutralizing filter unit or add a soda ash injection unit. Install a carbon filtration system, reverse osmosis drinking water system, or use bottled water.


Arsenic is very difficult to detect without testing. It has no visible color taste or odor in water and can be there because of industrial waste, herbicide runoff or natural groundwater contamination. Filtration & reverse osmosis are the primary means of treating water with an arsenic content. For example, lead generally does not occur naturally in water. Industrial waste or other outside sources can affect lead content in your water.